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  • Oct 21 2014

    Therapy and processing grief

    My therapist has asked me to write about my mother and the time surrounding her death so that I can process it and resolve some of the grief and anxiety that’s affecting me. For me, the more light you shed on something like this the less power it has over you. What follows is most certainly triggery for me and may be for some of you out there as well. You’ve been warned.

  • Jul 20 2014

    Foreign language tattoos and why I don’t feel it counts as cultural appropriation.

    يجب على جميع الرجال يموتون | يجب على جميع الرجال تخدم (“All men must die. | All men must serve.”) and why I think this is a brilliant tattoo concept.

  • Feb 11 2014

    Bad Lazy DJ! No spin time for you!

    I looked at how long it’s been since I’ve posted anything to the site and I felt ashamed. Heres the Update:

  • Sep 09 2013

    Golden Rule Poly

    I keep having these conversations with people in which I share a poly theory I came to on my own.  People keep complimenting me on this theory and keep reacting to it as if it were some kind of revelation.  I just thought of it as common sense, but as it seems to be such […]

  • Sep 07 2013

    The numbness in the wake of Burning Man

    I’m back. I don’t know if my life can’t stay at that speed and volume in the long term, but it doesn’t mean I don’t crave those moments.  It also means I mourn their passing with an intensity that I feel I cannot bear. I have often told friends and lovers that I loathe the […]

  • Jun 17 2013

    Welcome to!

    Check back here often for fresh updates, new setlists, and my thoughts on music and life.. Thanks 🙂 (Now to try to figure out how to install Ashok Raja’s new Twitter Widget for use with their API 1.1!

  • Jun 15 2013

    Music Spotlight: ‘End of Time’ by Lacuna Coil

    More than a few people would consider the song “End of Time” by Lacuna Coil to be a depressing song.

  • May 07 2013

    Setlist for ::THE BOX:: Cinqo de Negro Edition, 5-5-2013

    Much love to Julian, AMP Pyre, Stiletto, and Scissorhands for spinning lovely thump and as always making me feel welcome!   1st set – main dance floor – 10:45 – 11:35 Wicked Game – H.I.M Visions & Lies – Mona Mur & En Esch You Don’t Know Anything – Jesus On Extasy KMFDM – Material […]

  • May 05 2013

    Returned to Nox and Returning to the BOX

    I’ve got a last minute invite to DJ at The Box in Santa Cruz tonight!  I am back DJing at Nox at the King of Clubs in Mountain View (on Leong Drive just off Moffett/85/101).

  • Mar 15 2013

    You do your spinning, I’ll do mine

    I had a blast spinning for the fire-spinning party for my fellow Silicon Villager Burning Man campers.
    I will be doing it again sometime soon.
    Sadly, I didn’t jot down my set for the party. It was a lot of slow beats, just fast enough to hoop to without being too frantic. More to come, I hope….