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  • Jun 14 2016

    Fearing positive change

    As I write this, my partner of 4 years (whom we’ll call ‘Kitty’) is telling her husband in no uncertain terms that she wants to end their 8 year marriage.

  • Apr 28 2016

    Freedom to speak while still respecting others.

    I’m taking a cue from my long-time friends who blog.  I plan to speak about everything on here.

  • Jul 20 2014

    Foreign language tattoos and why I don’t feel it counts as cultural appropriation.

    يجب على جميع الرجال يموتون | يجب على جميع الرجال تخدم (“All men must die. | All men must serve.”) and why I think this is a brilliant tattoo concept.

  • Jun 17 2013

    Welcome to!

    Check back here often for fresh updates, new setlists, and my thoughts on music and life.. Thanks 🙂 (Now to try to figure out how to install Ashok Raja’s new Twitter Widget for use with their API 1.1!

  • Dec 31 2012

    New Years Fried

    I’m taking a short hiatus from Nox due to fatigue and shaking off the bad taste of the holidays. Please keep coming back for new announcements or new venues. Thanks 🙂

  • Oct 08 2012

    Back up and running

    After some retooling and reinstallation, I’ve got it back.  Now to figure out how to tweak it without breaking it!