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Time Management

  • Sep 14 2015

    Working Man 2015 and the Rage

    This is the poorest experience I’ve had at Burning Man since I started attending in 2011.

  • May 28 2015

    Not belonging

    As I write this, I’m sitting in Psycho Donuts waiting for my improv comedy class to start.  I’m half listening to a group of anime convention goers excitedly talk about convention programming, cosplay, gaming, and videos they want to see.

  • Dec 31 2012

    New Years Fried

    I’m taking a short hiatus from Nox due to fatigue and shaking off the bad taste of the holidays. Please keep coming back for new announcements or new venues. Thanks 🙂

  • Oct 23 2012

    No Nox tonight for me

    StarBug is still in the shop, so I can’t spin tonight!  Nox is still happening though! SITE UPDATE:  The Twitter/Hashtag feed appears to work!  I’ll tweet spin’s and requests as they come!  

  • Oct 10 2012

    Too many options, not enough weekend

    NorCal RenFaire Okay so that’s just one option, I guess I just have to decide whether I want to drive the 50 miles each way.    

  • Oct 09 2012
  • Oct 08 2012

    Back up and running

    After some retooling and reinstallation, I’ve got it back.  Now to figure out how to tweak it without breaking it!