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  • Jun 14 2016

    Fearing positive change

    As I write this, my partner of 4 years (whom we’ll call ‘Kitty’) is telling her husband in no uncertain terms that she wants to end their 8 year marriage.

  • Apr 21 2016

    Battling shame and acknowledging needs

    I’ve been so tired lately. I long for my submissive aspect and have been debating working with professional dominants to get my needs met more regularly. However, there a several roadblocks in the way of this:

  • Jan 30 2016

    An update, a rant, and venting (You’ve been warned)

    I need to go back to using this blog for it’s original intended function.  I intended to use this the same way I use my journal.  To write what I feel without fear, shame, or judgement.

  • Sep 09 2013

    Golden Rule Poly

    I keep having these conversations with people in which I share a poly theory I came to on my own.  People keep complimenting me on this theory and keep reacting to it as if it were some kind of revelation.  I just thought of it as common sense, but as it seems to be such […]