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  • Jun 14 2016

    Fearing positive change

    As I write this, my partner of 4 years (whom we’ll call ‘Kitty’) is telling her husband in no uncertain terms that she wants to end their 8 year marriage.

  • Apr 28 2016

    Freedom to speak while still respecting others.

    I’m taking a cue from my long-time friends who blog.  I plan to speak about everything on here.

  • Apr 21 2016

    Battling shame and acknowledging needs

    I’ve been so tired lately. I long for my submissive aspect and have been debating working with professional dominants to get my needs met more regularly. However, there a several roadblocks in the way of this:

  • Jan 30 2016

    An update, a rant, and venting (You’ve been warned)

    I need to go back to using this blog for it’s original intended function.  I intended to use this the same way I use my journal.  To write what I feel without fear, shame, or judgement.

  • Sep 14 2015

    Working Man 2015 and the Rage

    This is the poorest experience I’ve had at Burning Man since I started attending in 2011.

  • Aug 10 2015

    Music Spotlight: Review of Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

    I’ve been waiting in anticipation for this album and the film. Sadly, I feel this album hits a sophomore slump (as many series and artists do).

  • Jul 24 2015

    Top 5 songs I’d like to be beaten to in the dungeon (but likely never will be)

    I made a playlist on YouTube so you may listen to these for yourselves :3

  • May 29 2015

    New performances scheduled!

    I’m having my birthday party at Bondage A GoGo on June 3rd and I get to start the evening off by DJing the front room! RSVP here or here The Sunday afterward (June 7th), the House of Nox will be down at the Blue Lagoon for Santa Cruz pride!  

  • May 28 2015

    Not belonging

    As I write this, I’m sitting in Psycho Donuts waiting for my improv comedy class to start.  I’m half listening to a group of anime convention goers excitedly talk about convention programming, cosplay, gaming, and videos they want to see.

  • Apr 06 2015

    A long overdue scene report from pegging volunteer..

    I had volunteered to be a demo model for Pegging & Strap-On class last fall as pegging is on my top 5 kinks (as is exhibitionism). The thought of expressing both when I hadn’t been able to express either in nearly a year was and remains a powerful desire. Read more about it here…